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IMPORTANT THINGS TO CONSIDER:    When taking music lessons in someone's home, it's important to be mindful of certain do's and don'ts to ensure a respectful and comfortable learning environment. Here are some guidelines to follow: 

1. Arrive on time: Be punctual for your lessons as a sign of respect for the teacher's time. 
2. Communicate beforehand: Discuss any specific requirements or expectations with the teacher before each lesson to ensure a smooth learning experience. 
3. Come prepared: Bring all necessary materials, such as sheet music, instrument, and any assignments or practice notes given by the teacher. 
4. Follow house rules: Respect the homeowner's property and adhere to any rules they may have regarding shoes, pets, food/drink, etc. 
5. Maintain cleanliness: Keep your personal belongings organized and clean up after yourself. Leave the teaching space as you found it. 
6. Be attentive and engaged: Show active participation during lessons by listening carefully, asking questions, and practicing as instructed. 
7. Practice regularly: Dedicate time outside of lessons to practice what you've learned. This shows your commitment and helps you progress faster. 

1. Disturb other household members: Be considerate of other people living in the home by keeping noise levels appropriate during lessons. 
2. Overstay your welcome: Stick to the agreed-upon lesson duration and avoid lingering after the lesson unless specifically invited to stay longer for further discussion or practice. 
3. Touch personal belongings without permission: Do not handle or use any items in the home without explicit permission from the homeowner or teacher. 
4. Eat or drink excessively: While it's generally best to avoid eating or drinking during lessons, if allowed by the homeowner/teacher, do so in moderation and with care. 
5. Use electronic devices unnecessarily: Minimize distractions by silencing or turning off electronic devices during lessons unless they are required for musical purposes. 

By following these simple guidelines, you can foster a positive learning experience and maintain a harmonious relationship when taking music lessons in someone's home.


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