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Donna Britton Bukevicz is an accomplished musician with an impressive background in music education. She honed her skills at the renowned Berklee College of Music, specializing in vocal performance and songwriting. Additionally, she studied piano from a highly regarded teacher who is a graduate of Julilard Conservatory.  Donna's childhood teacher was so exceptional that she performed at the prestigious Kennedy Center.

In the 6th grade, Donna competed for a coveted spot to study with a Broadway singer.   She was one of 10 students who participated in this program traveling to New York to study for a 3 week program.

Donna's musical journey began at the age of 12 when she first started playing the piano. Since then, she has expanded her expertise to include guitar and ukulele, further showcasing her versatility and dedication to mastering multiple instruments from an early age.

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1. Supercharge Brain Processing: Delve into the magical world of piano and witness how it stimulates your brain's cognitive functions, sharpening your focus and boosting overall mental agility. 

2. Amplify Hearing and Memory Retention: Elevate your senses as you train your ears to distinguish melodies and harmonies, leading to improved auditory processing and enhanced memory recall. 

3. Master Math with Melodies: Embark on an extraordinary musical journey that effortlessly strengthens your counting skills and mathematical prowess, making complex calculations a breeze. 

4. Linguistic Symphony: Unleash the polyglot within you! Learning piano engages unique language centers in your brain, accelerating language acquisition in all other areas of your life. 

5. Comprehend like a Pro: Dive into captivating musical compositions that enhance reading comprehension skills, allowing you to extract deeper meaning from written texts effortlessly. 

6. Unleash Your Inner Virtuoso: Embrace boundless creativity as piano playing nurtures imaginative thinking, empowering you to express yourself artistically in ways words simply cannot capture. 

7. Time Management Maestro: Cultivate discipline and refine your organizational abilities through consistent practice routines that not only polish your piano skills but also transfer seamlessly to daily life management. 

8. The Zen of Concentration: Immerse yourself in the melodic flow, honing focused attention that unlocks higher levels of concentration, discipline, and patience—traits essential for success in all endeavors. 

Embark on this captivating musical journey with piano lessons—transforming not only how you play music but also how you navigate life's symphony of challenges and opportunities.

Sarah, Songwriting Student with Mom, Holly

Do You Remember was written in Sarah's Songwriting Masterclass with Donna.    As a present from her grandparents, they invested in an incredible production with The Sweet Spot Studio, producer, Nicolas Laget. 

This song was JUST licensed in the movie Ocean Child (in film festival circuit now) for release on a major streaming platform (like Disney- we hope)..  Soon!   Congrats to Sarah and Donna for writing such a beautiful song together.

This is Sarah's first official release on all streaming platforms.