July 22, 23 and 24, 2024

Creative Songwriting Session, Recording in the studio and a Band jam!


YOU CAN ALSO SIGNUP AT THIS LINK. -   https://docs.google.com/document/d/13Nki1ICqGBuEKRupjfe80cpjsDFJRSg3lnv-eh_HQFQ/edit?usp=sharing

DAY 1:   Molly Girl Music  will provided a "curriculum handbook" at the beginning of the Music Camp.  On our first day of camp, students will learn the "craft" of writing a song of love from the "seeding" of an idea (and profile sheet provided by Songs of Love) in a group setting using the child's name as the "hook".   After lunch we will study melody and begin to craft the chord structure for our song.  To read more about this organization, click this link at songsoflove.org

DAY 2:  In a group setting, we will  take a look at our lyric that was written the day before and talk about "prosody".    Do the lyrics match the melody?   Does the song sound conversational?  Is it fun?   If it's ready to record, we will   go into the on-site recording studio to record all of the instruments and vocals.   Students will all be involved in the recording of the song from start to finish!

BAND JAM:   Students will learn how to play, perform and sing a handful of FUN songs and launch their FIRST band with their camper mates.     There will be a 3pm performance for parents of the songs learned.   There is also a DIY: Arts & Crafts project scheduled for after lunch!  All materials will be provided.

A look back at Spring songcamp 2024


DATE:  SATURDAY, April 13, 2024 -  10 am to 3pm   

Confirmed Students:   Gretel Warhurst, Gabriela Warhurst, Madison Lutz.   

There is ONE spot left!   If you are interested in signing up, please email me at mollygirlmusic@gmail.com


Our Spring Song camp will be in a smaller and more intimate setting. (Space is limited to 4 songwriting students).

FUN FUN FUN with your friends.. Learn how to craft a song from the "seed of an idea". How does that start?
ANSWER: Sharing with each other.

10: AM (INSIDE):
15 Free-write to shake the dust off!
We will discuss where we are in our lives right now
How we are feeling at that moment in time?
Then each student will write these feelings on the large board to share with all.
We will study how to craft a "universal storyline". Then, we will come up with a “THEME” for the song.
Writing to the hook, what is it? How is that done?

11:00 AM (OUTSIDE):
* We will stretch our legs, grab our notebooks and a pencil and take a walk outside. All the while discussing the theme but creating movement so that thoughts have motion and feelings that sometimes are hard to gather when we are "sitting".
* Find a spot on the front porch (or back) and sit down together.
This is where we will individually write where we are that "instant" gathering the emotions and "sensory-bound" feelings that come about because we are "outside" and have changed our environment.
* Discuss what was written during our "sensory-bound walk" and write down ideas
* Select a TITLE from those ideas
*. Select the Song Form (structure)
*. Select rhymes and synonyms; Write Chorus
*. Discuss storyline and begin to craft the verses
Noon: Break for Lunch
12:45 pm: Afternoon Session.
*. Fine-tune and finalize the verses.
*. Do the verse lyrics make sense? Are they conversational?
*. Create a Melody for our lyrics.
1:30 pm. Recording Studio
*. Our goal is to have the song written and record a rough draft of the song on-site in Molly Girl's recording studio.
Does this sound FUN? If so, we'd love to have you- there is one spot left!
COST: $200.00 per student
TIME: 10 am to 3pm (please bring a bag lunch, snack and water will be provided).
If you are interested in signing up, please email me at mollygirlmusic@gmail.com


COST:  $200.00 per student

TIME:  10 am to 3pm (please bring a bag lunch, snack and water will be provided).

Please arrive at 9:45 pm so that we can get settled in, catch up on hello's and begin the session at 10 am.

The player below features some of the songs written in our Songwriting Masterclass.   Happy When I'm Home, Do You Remember, Anything is Possibile and Somewhere in Montana are all available for streaming on all platforms.

Winter Songcamp - January 2024

Completion of song written in summer songcamp 2023

This talented group of aspiring songwriters got together to finish a song that was started in last year's Summer Songcamp.   This song is absolutely amazing and the parents have decided that they would like to record this song written and also do a music video!

We will be in The Sweet Spot Studio all day on May  18, 2024.  Ken Lasso from Annaken Media will shooting a music video that day as well!   



Songwriting masterclass - "Songcamp"

Songwriting Masterclass underway!   Gretel, Aziza and Carlee are super attentive (of course Paxton has to be in the middle of everything!)