THe Nuts & Bolts of how a songwriting masterclass "WORKS"

Songwriting  Masterclass sessions are once a week and are scheduled at the same time each week.   Lesson are "al-la'-carte' "pay as you go".   

Most of my students study with me once a week but some study twice-a-month to make their school schedule less hectic.  

COST:   $100.00 per session  (Usually 1 hr and 15 minutes).  

 VIA ZOOM OR IN PERSON.  Email to make an inquiry as to availability.  

Curriculum:   I use Berklee College of Music's curriculum as my baseline guideline which are at college level studies. 

Please note that when you study with me in person, you have access to my in-home studio (at no extra charge) where you will learn studio microphone techniques, how to craft melodies, harmonies and study vocal phrasing.   I also conduct songwriting exercises in my studio using melodies I have produced and you craft your own lyrics based on the music.   *Rough recordings are produced for songs written in our masterclass for you to have at no extra charge. 

Email me at if you are interested. 

*Please note that book costs are extra.


If you are planning on releasing any of these songs written in our masterclass, you will need these services (unless you plan on hiring an attorney to assist you or another music industry person who knows the "ropes" of establishing your PRO, setting up your digital release of your sign, preparing metadata, filing with PRO, filing song with Library of copyright (for copyright registration) etc.  *you cannot release a song to spotify, itunes, etc without having a PRO. 

Here's an important thing to remember:  Every song that is written in our masterclass is considered a "co-write" with me.  Therefore, the song is split 50/50 in copyright ownership and publishing.     You are your own writer PRO and publisher PRO. I do not represent your legal interests - your 50% writer and publisher share is all yours.    

Music Business Consultations:   Learn how to establish your PRO for your songs (ASCAP/BMI),   discuss ownership of intellectual property, work for hires on recording projects, letters of administration,   oversee administration of song catalog with ASCAP, BMI, The MLC, etc.    

Recording Projects:   Assist in song development, (both in and out of studio) vocal phrasing, production of songs written in masterclass, discuss song production details, melody and vocal coaching, phrasing, selection of production studio, etc.   (no charge for travel to and from studio). 

My flat hourly rate for music consultation services is $75.00.



Writing session with PRO Nashville Writer, Jack Bond.  In this songwriting session, we wrote the song "Riding Free" which is featured in  Avery Lynn's  EP released on 8/24/2023.  Somewhere in Montana (on the right as widget) is featured on this EP as well and was written with Donna in their masterclass together after doing a "sensory-bound" exercise.

Recording Costs:   

I will be happy to oversee the production aspect of having  a song professionally recorded.  We will discuss the production and recording options available.  This should be done outside of the student's songwriting masterclass. I recommend that you schedule a music business consultation meeting with me via zoom ($75/hr). 

 Please keep these things in mind when moving forward: 

  1.  I use several different producers depending upon what style of production is best for the song to be produced.   We will discuss the options before any final decisions are made and a producer is secured to begin the production.  You have the final say on when to get started with the production.
  2. If a song is written in our masterclass and you decide to have it fully produced,  you will pay for all of the recording costs 100%.  
  3. We will own the master SR recording  (50/50 ) together.  Ownership of the SR Master recording is an important item to have in place when licensing songs to film and TV. 
  4. Ownership of the writer's share (PRO) and publisher's share (PRO) are 50/50 equal ownership.  SR master recording doesn't touch ownership of the writer or publisher share.  You are your own publisher.  I am my own publisher.   
  5. All streaming revenue is shared 50/50 and is handled directly by a service called (an email goes direct to you with streaming royalties earning).
  6.  If you are a minor (under 18), your parents will sign all documents as your legal guardian.   
  7. Recording studio costs are extra and will be provided separately.  An invoice will be generated directly to you for handling of payment.  Payment will not go through me.
  8.   The songs below are productions that have been done with students. 

Don't Worry:  Production cost was $250.00. Vocal Recording costs was separate and was approximately $250.00, plus my time to oversee the project (since I did not go in the recording studio, administrative time at $75/hr was charged (Totaling $150.00)

                                                                                TOTAL COST: $650.00

Do you Remember total production cost was $1,500.00 (not including my time).

Somewhere in Montana cost was $150.00 for guitar track. Vocal recording time is separate and depends upon which studio we use (The Sweet Spot Studio or Ken Lazzo, Annaken Media.  Total cost, including recording sessions for vocals and my time was an additional $350.00.                                                                           

                                                                                 TOTAL COST: $500.00

My hourly rate is $100.00 for time expended in the recording studio.  There is NO charge for travel to and from studio.