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Lessons are in 30 minute increments or 60 minutes (depending upon what you signed up for) and they are at the same scheduled time every week.

Students are expected to arrive on time. Students arriving up to 15 minutes late may have the remainder of their scheduled lesson. However, the teacher reserves the right to not add missed time to the end of the lesson.

Lessons are private one on one student and instructor. 

Songwriting Masterclass:  If you are signing up for a this masterclass, please read about it at this link

PAYMENT: Al-la-Carte- pay as you go. Online or In-person payments are to be made the same day of your lesson (just like when you go to the grocery store or purchase gas, you pay for it as you receive the lesson)

 If payments are not received by the second lesson day, then the time-slot is no longer reserved, and students don’t get their lesson until payment is received.

Payment options include: Credit/Debit or Check/Money Order. $20 fee will be charged for any returned check.

List of Holidays the business is closed: News Years Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas.

Don’t Come in Sick Policy:   If the student is feeling sick, please keep them at home.    The teacher will also give you the same courtesy and NEVER teach sick.

No make-up policy exists because this is a "pay-as-you-go" arrangement.  As long as you notify us that you are unable to come (24 hours is preferred but we know that sometimes people get sick, so let us know immediately by text).   TEXT - 540-272-9445. There is no charge if the student is sick.

EMERGENCY CANCELLATION:    We know that emergencies come up from time-to-time - there is no charge if you cancel the lesson by text as soon as you know that you cannot come.     NOTE:  If the student “just doesn't want to come – i.e., ”Hey Mom, I just don't want to go".   You will be charged for this lesson because the student MUST BE SICK or YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY to cancel a lesson and not be charged for it.

Cancellation Policy (to cancel your lessons in their entirety):  Please give  a two (2) week notice of your desire to cancel lessons (email, txt, letter or phone call) to avoid any charges.   If you do not give two (2) weeks notice and stop lessons immediately, you will be charged for  one (1) lesson and nothing more.  

Vacation:  Everyone goes on vacation.  Please give at least a 7 day notice of your vacation time.  You will not be charged for this time.    Please do this email and not textx.

 Students are responsible for their own instruments as well as any books, paper, folders, or general supplies related to their instrument.

Any news or updates will be shared on the Private Facebook page (the links is located below).