Songwriters (top picture) - Carlee Spagnolo, Madison Lutz, Donna Bukevicz, Aziza Moussa & Gretel Warhurst

 🌟✨ Join Us in the Heartfelt Creation of "Who I Am" ✨🌟

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*Empowering Anthem "Who I Am" to Inspire Globally*

Warrenton, Virginia - May 7, 2024 - Last summer in the serene embrace of Warrenton, Virginia, a magical gathering took place. Individuals, aged 11 to 65, came together at Molly Girl Music Studio's Songwriting Songcamp, driven by a common desire for self-belief and kindness. Aziza, Gretel, Carlee, and Madison, under the guidance of the talented Donna Britton Bukevicz, breathed life into the powerful anthem "Who I Am."

At the heart of this collaboration stands The Sweet Spot Studio, alongside Molly Girl Music Studio, and the visionary filmmaker Ken Lazzo of Annaken Media. With Bryan Steele enriching the musical tapestry and the masterful touch of Nicolas Laget, who played a crucial role in producing piano, strings, bass, orchestral embellishments, background vocals, and the final mix, "Who I Am" has blossomed into a masterpiece of brilliance.

On May 18th, at The Sweet Spot Studio, the essence of "Who I Am" was captured on film, radiating hope and courage to inspire individuals worldwide towards self-acceptance and spreading kindness.

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