**For Immediate Release**

*Empowering Anthem "Who I Am" to Inspire Globally*

Warrenton, Virginia - May 7, 2024 - Last summer in serene Warrenton, Virginia, a transformative gathering unfolded. Gifted individuals, aged 11 to 65, united at Molly Girl Music Studio's Songwriting Songcamp. A theme emerged - the universal quest for self-belief and kindness. Aziza, Gretel, Carlee, and Madison, mentored by acclaimed vocalist and songwriter Donna Britton Bukevicz, birthed the anthem "Who I Am."

A collaboration between The Sweet Spot Studio, Molly Girl Music Studio, and the award-winning filmmaker Ken Lazzo of Annaken Media brings a new dimension to "Who I Am." Bryan Steele enriched the musical landscape, embracing Donna's work-tape, with Nicolas Laget enhancing vocals and the final mix, adding a touch of brilliance.

Filming on May 18th at The Sweet Spot Studio, "Who I Am" radiates hope and courage, encouraging individuals globally to embrace self-worth and spread kindness.

For media inquiries:
Donna Bukevicz
Molly Girl Music Studio
Email: mollygirlmusic@gmail.com

**About Molly Girl Music Studio:** A nurturing space led by Donna Britton Bukevicz, empowering individuals to express themselves through music.

**About The Sweet Spot Studio:** A center of musical innovation, fostering positive impact through artistic collaboration and education.

**About Annaken Media:** Led by Ken Lazzo, Annaken Media brings visual storytelling to new heights with a touch of excellence and emotional depth.